“Timeless Ties” – Anniversary Framed Sentimental Art


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“Timeless Ties” – Framed Sentimental Art

Embrace the timeless connections of family and friendship with our “Timeless Ties” framed artwork. This piece beautifully captures the essence of relationships that transcend time and distance, wrapped in a delicate floral embrace.

Product Features:

  • Intricate Floral Patterns: The edges are adorned with fine floral patterns, symbolizing growth and the blossoming of relationships.
  • Heartfelt Prose: At the centre lies a beautiful piece of text, a reminder of the lasting bonds we share with our loved ones.
  • High-Quality: Ensuring the text and illustrations are crisp and clear, for a lasting impression.
  • Versatile Display: Whether it’s set on a shelf, hung on a wall or centre of the mantelpiece this artwork is designed to fit seamlessly into any space.
  •  RGB backlight: 3 different modes that you can easily change by using the inline controls.

Ideal For:

  • Anniversary’s
  • Milestones
  • Adding a meaningful touch to your home


  • Frame Size: Standard A4
  • Orientation: Portrait
  • Reverse: Kick stand and wall mount

Personalization Options:

  • Frame Colour Choices: Available in a variety of colours to match your preference.

This framed artwork is not just a decorative piece, it’s a tribute to the ties that bind us, a celebration of love and friendship that endures through the years.


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